The 60 Hour Workweek Needed to be a Sociologist?
Does it really take 60 hours a week to make it in this business?

A tweet by Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis, who argues that it takes a 60 hour work week to succeed in sociology. It drew criticism and evoked a discussion about work-life balance in sociology:

Photo Credit. Human Hay Racks. It is nothing unusual in Albania to see women carrying such burdens as these. The men consider it undignified to do such manual labor, spending most of their time in the army, or in carrying out family feuds. The severe life of the women is shown in premature old age. The American Red Cross hospitals throughout the country are continually called upon to treat extreme cases of impoverishment and exhaustion due to heavy labor among women. Albania, 1920. [9 January date received] Photograph.

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