Structural Sexism and Religion (Patricia Homan)
We discuss structural sexism with Patricia Homan (Florida State University)

In this episode, Daniel Morrison sits down with Patricia Homan (Florida State University) to discuss the impact of structural sexism on the wellbeing of religiously active people. Patricia published “Structural Sexism and Health in the United States: A New Perspective on Health Inequality and the Gender System” in the American Sociological Review, and recently followed it up in the same journal with “When Religion Hurts: Structural Sexism and Health in Religious Congregations.”

Credit. By J. L. Nichols – The file was scanned in from a reprint of a book called Safe Counsel, or Practical Eugenics, a public domain book from 1928 by B. G. Jefferis and J. L. Nichols. Reprint was from “Intext Press”, which reissues public domain books, and the reprint is ISBN 0-88444-010-9., Public Domain,

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