Teaching Classical Theory (Seth Abrutyn)
Seth Aburtyn (University of British Columbia) discusses the role of classical sociology in our graduate curricula.

Today, we talk to Seth Abrutyn from the University of British Columbia. Seth teaches graduate classical theory in UBC’s sociology program, and recently caught attention on Twitter for his views about the role of classical sociology in the contemporary sociology graduate curriculum. He published a blog post on the topic here.

Seth is best known for his work on suicide with Anna Mueller from Indiana University at Bloomington. You can catch his earlier podcast episode on this work here.

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  1. Thanks Seth. Lots of great summaries of sociologists and good practical sense. I especially like your summary of the changing US sociology in the later 20th century. This is different from the UK sociology I got.
    Students in your class must have a good time.
    Thanks Joseph – good interview

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