New Digital Inequalities (Matt Rafalow)
How do inequalities in access to digital technologies persist after everyone gets an iPad and access to a hotspot?

Today, The Annex talks to Matt Rafalow (Google) about how social inequalities in education and technology persist after all students gain access to devices and the Internet. His new book, Digital Divisions: How Schools Create Inequality in the Tech Era (University of Chicago) presents the results of an ethnographic study that investigates how teachers encourage different kinds of digital engagement to the children of different social classes and races. Guest hosts Ellen Meiser (University of Hawaii) and Nga Than (CUNY Graduate Center).

Photo Credit. By Aigner Ronja, Kohlmeier Michelle – Eigene Werke der Authorinnen unter Anleitung von Schuetze77 mit Einwilligung aller sichtbaren Personen und deren Erziehungsberechtigten zur Veröffentlichung, CC0,

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