The Queens Podcast Lab Internship Program

Internship opportunities for Queens College students

The Queens Podcast Lab is a non-profit social science and humanities collaboration that seeks to advance the art and craft of content creation, with a special focus on podcasting, the podcast medium, and podcast enterprises. The project operates out of Queens College in the City University of New York.

Our Internship Program gives students training and hands-on experience in media entrepreneurship, the task of developing and operating an enterprise that develops and conveys digital content (e.g., YouTubers, TikTokers, podcasters, digital authors, and bloggers). Students can pursue their dreams of social media stardom with resources and a supportive community, all while developing skills that are valued in the marketing, communications, and media industries.

We offer students the opportunity to learn all these facets of content entrepreneurship, though we tailor each internship to the individual student’s personal interests, aptitudes, and schedule:

  • Multimedia Production Technology, like Adobe Creative Suite products or their substitutes.
  • Small Enterprise Administration
  • Content Development
  • Audience Development and Relationship Management
  • Web Development and Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing, with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing
  • Hands-On Experience Developing their Own Podcast Miniseries
  • A Workshop on Developing Their Own Enterprises

Students are given credit for all creative work for their own portfolios, receive mentoring and support in their own content creation endeavors, can participate in the Lab’s professional development programming, and will be featured as interns on the Podcast Lab website.

Queens College students with either (1) a GPA of at least 3.3 or (2) a demonstrable passion and aptitude for media production can apply for our program. Undergraduate- or graduate-level credit is available. Paid internships are possible.

For more information, contact Joseph Cohen at [email protected], subject line: “QPL INTERNSHIP”


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