Annex Sociology Podcast

The Annex Sociology Podcast is a show for academic sociologists.  We discuss ideas, news, and research of interest to the academic sociology community. 

Our goals are to offer colleagues an outlet for informal discussion of our current research and issues of disciplinary interest, and to curate an audio record of our current generation of sociologists. 

Recent Episodes

Eric Fromm (Neil McLaughlin)

It is classic theorists week on The Annex Sociology Podcast, as we discuss Eric Fromm with Neil McLaughlin (McMaster). Neil recently published Eric Fromm and Global Public Sociology (2021, Bristol

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Creativity (Hannah Wohl)

The Annex is back for its tenth semester. In this episode, we meet with Hannah Wohl (University of California, Santa Barbara) to discuss her book on creativity and cultural production,

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Current Hosts

Daniel Morrison

Daniel Morrison is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Abilene Christian University.

Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College in the City University of New York

Selections from the Vault

Past Hosts

Leslie Hinkson

Leslie Hinkson is the Chief Officer for Racial Justice and Equity at League of Conservation Voters

Gabriel Rossman

Gabriel Rossman is an Associate Professor of Sociology at UCLA


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